Leadership Hartsville 2018

Elevation Renovation for the Boys & Girls Club


Inside the Hartsville Boys & Girls Club, lessons are being learned, lives are being shaped and leaders are being developed. It’s a vibrant place filled with artistic creation, inspiration, and preparation for the future. But to look at the outside of the building that faces Sixth Street, someone passing by would have no clue about what is happening inside.

The 2018 Class of Leadership Hartsville toured the Boys & Girls Club as part of our curriculum. When we were determining what our class project could be, all seventeen members of our group decided unanimously that we wanted to elevate the level of pride by finding a way to renovate the exterior of a facility that does so much to make a difference to the youth in our community.

This is our appeal to you — help us bring much needed curb appeal to the exterior elevation of the Boys & Girls Club. The goal is to raise at least $10,000 and for that we need you!

Here’s How You Can Help:

-Use your imagination. Imagine how children, parents and teachers will feel when they arrive each day to a fresh, new exterior with bright graphics, engaging artwork, new signage, and the knowledge that people in their community cared enough about them to lend a hand.

-Picture the new elevation.  No more peeling paint. No more bare brick walls. Instead, a new fence, new signage, painted doors and colorful artwork that reflects the heritage of this community. The first impression someone will see -- the doorway to a happy place where good things happen.

-Support the renovation. Our team is prepared to do the work and organize the renovation, but we need the financial support of caring people like you to help us make this project a success.

-Experience the celebration! Involving students and teachers in the process will cause them to celebrate when they see the results. Our Leadership Hartsville team will be able to celebrate working in unity to reach a common goal. Our community will celebrate the addition of another milestone reached in beautifying our city. Our goal is to have all the renovations complete in time for the Butler Heritage Week in July 2018 and be a part of their annual celebration!

Ready to Join the Club? It’s easy!

Write a Check.

Make it out to Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville and mail to P.O Box 1791, Hartsville SC 29550. Mark your contribution for the “2018 Leadership Hartsville Class Project.”

Pay Online.

                          Click here to give online to the "Elevation Renovation for the Girls & Boys Club."                                                        

If you are able to give any amount, no matter how small, we thank you, and the kids and teachers with smiling faces at the Boys & Girls Club thank you too!



Leadership Hartsville is an innovative program presented by the Chamber that is designed to develop leadership skills in participants and provide essential information about our community in order to enhance our emerging and existing leaders' knowledge and vision for Hartsville. This nine-month program incorporates the community’s experts in various fields to explore Hartsville’s history, government, nonprofit organizations, education, large and small businesses, and quality of life. At each session, participants meet professionals, business executives, community and government leaders, and social change agents. The program is conducted annually with a graduation ceremony in May. Each class works together on a class project that will benefit our community in a meaningful way.