Tales on the Town

The Tales on the Town installation is a project of the 2013 class of Leadership Hartsville, a program developed by a collaboration of Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce and Coker College. 

The Tales on the Town downtown scavenger hunt includes 13 bronze fox sculptures in the shape of red foxes spread among many important sites all around downtown Hartsville. Can you find them all? The clues listed here can guide you to their locations.

  • Rafferty Red Fox likes to spend time with our Mayor. He can always tell you what time it is by looking at the big, tall clock on the corner.
  • Riordan Red Fox can be found where the bookworms shop for bestsellers.
  • Rosa Red Fox enjoys the musical sounds of a bubbling fountain. She also likes to smell her flowers.
  • Reese Red Fox sits near the grass and looks at the names of the heroes of Hartsville.
  • Rikki Red Fox used to shop for hats at the old Coker Department Store. Now she watches people exercise!
  • Roxy Red Fox likes to stay up late and drink coffee – even at Midnight!
  • Ripley Red Fox is very fast. He likes to race around the path in the Vista near the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics.
  • Raymond Red Fox loves to learn. You’ll find him guarding the gates of our local college.
  • Royce Red Fox thinks that his cottage home is the most important part of Hartsville.
  • Ramona Red Fox enjoys telling stories – especially about Hartsville! Find her and learn more about the history of our City.

Stumped? See the answers for the sculpture locations.

The Tales on the Town was facilitated by the Community Foundation for a  Better Hartsville and generously supported by following sponsors and contributors.

See a major list of sponsors.