Oakdale Neighborhood Revitalization

Through a sustained collaboration by concerned citizens, the City of Hartsville, the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville and its donors, an historic community known in recent years as the Oakdale Neighborhood is undergoing a comprehensive revitalization. Situated in close proximity of the outh Carolina Governors School for Science and Mathematics and downtown, the Foundation believes this blossoming community will serve as a model for future community development given the interest and support from key stakeholders

Project Objective:
To facilitate a neighborhood transformation that improves the quality of life for residents and expands attractive housing  near downtown Hartsville.


  • Revitalize key neighborhood adjacent to GSSM and downtown. 
  • Develop model for community development that could be applied to other neighborhoods. 
  • Provide housing for young professionals, academics and other key demographics for downtown Hartsville.

City is in the process of  contracting for Phase II of the recently awared $500,000 Community Block Development Grant funding.  The scope of work includes sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, security cameras and other infrastructure improvements. 

Together, the City, the Community Foundation fro a Better Hartsville, and the Oakdale Neighborhood Association are working to strengthen avenues of communication between individuals and the various involved parties to ensure a susainable spirit of collaboration is maintained.

The Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville is assessing options for the development of several lots adjacent to the Governor's School for Science and Mathematics to include the construction of 1,200 to 1,500 sq. ft. cottages.  It is also exploring the development of design guidelines intended to enhance the historic mill village character of the neighborhood. 

The Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville is working with the City to prepare for Phase III Community Development Block Grant funding, which could include low interest loans and development on a community garden or other community building type projects.