Hartsville Master Plan

Our vision for 2020

Funded through a grant award from the Byerly Foundation, the Community Foundation for a Better Harstville is engaged in a master planning initiative that is intended to expand and update the Hartsville 2020 Vision (now  five years old), and create a fresh, visual framework for the development of the city.

“We expect that the master plan developed through this project will weave together existing research and planning documents with new information, economic development and market data, citizen opinions and professional design expertise to offer a cogent strategy and vision that will inform and guide development initiatives in Hartsville for the next 20 years,” said Curtis Lee, who Chairs the Foundation Board.

The project is being coordinated by Nancy McGee, vice chair of the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville, and faciliated by a design team led by Irene Dumas, a planner with the Boudreaux Group, based in Columbia, S.C.

The Foundation believes that the primary direct benefit of this project will be the project’s chief deliverable:  a thoughtful, professionally developed master plan that provides community leaders and citizens with a step-by-step overview of the actions necessary to create the changes Hartsville’s residents desire – changes that will be specifically designed to enhance the quality-of-life attributes of living, working and playing in Hartsville.

Beyond the development of a shared vision and a solid strategy for achieving that vision, the Foundation anticipates that process of creating the plan will, itself, be empowering. 

“The day-in, day-out work of convening planning groups, steering committees, focus groups and public meetings will provide an unparalleled opportunity to renew and strengthen the ties that, ultimately, are the community,” said Lee.  “If done as we intend, the process of developing a master plan for Hartsville will allow leaders to lead, planners to plan, and citizens from all walks of life to engage with their neighbors in healthy new ways.”

PHOTO:  Irene Dumas, a planner with the Boudreaux Group.


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